Friday, August 24, 2007

Computer Game Lessons

William's big thing this summer has been playing Harry Potter games on the computer. Robert bought a set of cd-roms at Target which included games from the first 3 movies and a Quiddich game cd. Or maybe they were dvd roms... either way, they were to keep the kids from being totally bored when we were at the hotel. Little did I know the other lessons these games would teach.

1) William has mastered working the little touchpad area on the laptop, all while maneuvering which arrow key to use, or whether he needs to tap the touchpad, or click the right-left buttons below it.
As if that wasn't enough, once we were done with our hotel stays for the summer, I loaded the games into the kids' desktop. Which means he had to learn to use the mouse the way he'd been using the touchpad. That took him all of a ½hr to learn. I'm still trying to figure it out.

2) William has learned to pay attention on when to make his character 'jump' at the right time onto a moving platform. He also searches around the rooms in the game, for hidden areas to spell and collect the necessary items.

3) William knows how to boot up Mom's laptop and the desktop if Mom doesn't get up early enough. He's also mastered the volume/on/off teeny dial on the desktop speakers. I've learned he likes to turn it up! He's learned Mom likes it turned down.

4) A long time ago, he figured out the switch user and log on user features on the desktop. Yesterday I realized he also knows how to shut down the computer. Correctly, too. Thing is, Sarah was wanting to use the computer, lol, so she booted it back up. Ok... confession time... when we got our first windows based computer 10½ years ago, I didn't know how to shut it down. I was 35½ years old. William is 7 years old. Kids really are smarted these days.

5) William has been memorizing the location of various items in the games, and which floor they are on, and the order in which some things must be done.

6) William is really trying to learn to take turns. He's really good about turn-taking in board games, but he's working on turn taking for computer time. Then again, it's something Sarah needs to work on too.

I've learned that I have yet another computer geek in the family. Oh, wait, I knew that one.