Monday, August 6, 2007

Don't Laugh...

but this morning I woke up really really REALLY wanting some Starbucks coffee. It didn't even have to be my beloved Caramel Macchiato, I just wanted some Starbucks. I've stayed in enough hotel rooms this past year that I've got a nice little stash of hotel coffee packs. Some were even Starbucks! So I went through the cabinet, looking for them, but only came across a decaf. Then I went up to my closet, went through all of my luggage, but no luck. Wahhh!!!! All I had was decaf Starbucks! So I mixed it with some regular coffee & brewed that. Sigh ... better than none, I suppose.

Andi, my friend, I know that you are not laughing at me. You understand and share this love of Starbucks.

Well, my little fix-it worked today. Tomorrow I will actually be going by a Starbucks drive-thru, so I'll get my fav.

Now, I just need some really good chocolate. Robert's picking that up on his way home. Ahhhhhh.